Volume I, No. 1 – August 2016

John Thomas and Richard Etulain, Co-Editors

Welcome to the first issue of our BOOKS OF THE WEST newsletter. We plan these newsletters, featuring longer book reviews and briefer lists of annotated and cited books, every two months. Our lists will include publication details and prices. All of the books are available from us. We welcome hearing of titles we may have overlooked or about our reviews, annotations, or lists. Please tell others about the newsletter. We hope that many Western Book fans will soon know about us.

Chaparral Books recently relocated its storefront to southwest Portland, adjacent to Portland State University and Lovejoy Fountain. Although we specialize in Western Americana and Native American literature, we offer a broad selection of books, including those of local writers. When in Portland, please plan to stop in and view our offerings, chat about books, and have a cup of coffee or tea. Beginning in the fall, we will have authors in to discuss their latest ventures. We are planning an open house for the last week in September.

In this issue: Books On People, Books On Apaches, and Books On Race and Ethnicity

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